In German we say "Der Name is Programm" - google it if you like

"AIsthetic" is a playful combination of "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) and "aesthetic." It's a term that signifies my art or design that was created or curated, using artificial intelligence, blending the notion of technological creativity with aesthetic appeal.

How AIsthetic Oddities...

...came to live?

That was almost as easy as uttering an unsolicited comment on my first attempts: "Everyone dan do what you did. I could do that, too." Of course, you can. Like buy a bucket of blue paint and paint like Yves Klein. But you didn't. And I did. Doing is my favorite thing, I really enjoy art and design and while playing around with AI tools, I started creating more and more pretty cool images on Midjourney that look waaaayy better than your IKEA Poster.


Weird stuff is kinda my thing...

...and I needed an outlet, almost as much as most of you need decoration for your walls. I watched way too much Netflix during the Pandemic and I am trying to create healthy habits to escape the dullness of one screen and exchange it for another screen. :)

I want to buy a print

It's really

All about quality

So I chose a very good professional photo printing service and aluminium frames that will last you a long time.