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Howdy 🖖🏼 Strange(r)/Friend

I am totally fascinated with the realm of AI-crafted artistry, where algorithms dance with the abstract and pixels paint my dreams. Join me and my love project AIsthetic Oddities and embrace the peculiar imagery, celebrate the eccentric, and adorn the walls of your choice with these creations I prompted for you.


They're totally into it

  • Grizabella, London

    "My walls were craving a dash of the bizarre, and lo and behold, AIsthetic Oddities delivered! Now my space feels like a portal to a dimension where art whispers in binary. 5/5, would recommend for those seeking to elevate their aesthetic to the eccentric realms of AI imagery!"

  • Johannes, Munich

    "AIsthetic Oddities is the cryptic wonderland! It's like taking a wild trip through the surreal, where pixels pirouette in a dance of strangeness that speaks directly to my soul. A++ for feeding my craving for the wonderfully weird!"

  • Santa, Baby

    "I've always felt it is weird how humans imagine elves. They are not chubby little fuckers, they come in all shapes and sizes, they are weird and wonderful. Thank you for showing the world how elegant North Pole can be. I'll show them to my team - they'll be delighted!"